Miss Sharon Berman » Ms. Berman's ESL Class 2018-2019

Ms. Berman's ESL Class 2018-2019

My name is Ms. Sharon Berman. I am an English as a Second Language teacher in Robert Fulton Annex. I teach grades 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8, ESL levels 1-3.  I have been teaching in the district for 20 years. I obtained my Master's Degree in Education with a concentration in English as a Second Language. Before I started educating children in Public schools, I taught adults from all over the world, including diplomats, how to speak English at Bergen Community College. In addition to educating children, I am also instruct other educators in how to efficiently and effectively deal with and educate English Language Learners in a monolingual classroom setting where Bilingual Education is not present.  
My mission in education is to empower my students in learning the English language, which to me is very rewarding. I always strive to ensure that all of my students reach their full potential in every aspect.  I also enjoy what my students bring to the table, as far as their cultures.  I try to create enjoyable and interesting lessons, while fostering the necessary skills and strategies my students need to achieve academic success.  I gear my lessons to the Common Core Curriculum of NJ, WIDA Standards, and 21st Century Standards.  I always focus on higher-order thinking for my higher level students.  In addition, I scaffold and differentiate when necessary for student understanding and progress. I know this will be a great year and that each and every one of my students will succeed and grow to their full potential! 
I give extra help on Wednesdays from 3:00-3:30