Welcome to my Webpage!

My name is Mr. Colello, and I am the English Language Arts and Math Resource Program teacher for grade 6. I will be working with Ms. Zahn's homeroom (6-1)  and Mr. Fernandez's homeroom (6-2). I will also be working with Ms. Seckas for Science with Mr. Fernadez's homeroom. Please make sure you check the calendar and Google Classroom for your child's homework assignments.  
It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to make sure you come for extra help! It is an excellent way to catch up on missing assignments and get the help you need! Students who come to extra help consistently get better grades. DON'T FALL BEHIND!
During the time we are off I will be posting the classwork for ELA and Math on my google classroom pages each day. Make sure you keep up with the work daily. If you need help or have any questions email me or leave a comment on the google classroom page. Make sure you do MY work for ELA and MATH not Ms. Zahn's or Mr. Fernandez's work.  
  • If any parents need my codes to Google Classroom they are:
      • Resource ELA (6-1) kmasdpr
      • Resource ELA (6-2) 2jyhil
      • Resource Math (6-1) kq6ebdt
      • Resource Math (6-2) m2o6ovj
As always I am available and can be reached through e-mail or leave a comment on my google classroom page. Thank You.
β€œAnd will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)”  Dr. Suess