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Mrs. Dalia Room: 306 Grade: 7th grade U.S History 1 & 8th grade U.S History 2
My daily objectives are a reflection of the curriculum we follow and focus on 21st century skills that's ultimate purpose is to prepare our students for high school, and in turn, college. The enthusiasm my students exhibit is a direct result of their ability to make connections about what they're learning, and consequently, how its entirety has contributed to our globalized world. I look forward to continued success and every students' journey to self-realization. 
Parents, please don't ever hesitate to reach me. In order for your child to receive the richest experience with me, parent-teacher communication is a must. You can email me, and I will get back to you within the same day. A concerted effort is necessary to keep your child's well being our priority. Homework is a crucial percentage of their grade. All assignments will posted daily your child´s google classroom. 
Grading percentages are proportional:  Classwork is 25%  Homework is 25%, Quizzes and Exams are 25%, and Participation is 25% 

What your child will learn with me this year....

U.S. History 1

In middle school, the study of American history is usually broken into two courses to explore the history of the United States of America in depth.

7th grade: U.S. History 1 curriculum topics include:

  • Voyages of Columbus and the relationship between the explorers and the American Indians
  • Colonization, the different colonies, and colonial life
  • The Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary war, the constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • Washington’s presidency and the new political parties
  • The War of 1812 and the Monroe Doctrine
  • Manifest Destiny, and the Indian Removal Act of 1830
  • Sectionalism, slavery in American culture and the rise of abolition
  • Life during the Civil War and the southern surrender
  • Lincoln’s goals for reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow laws


As the year comes to a close, your child should have an understanding of the migration process to America, the thirteen colonies, the Revolutionary and Civil wars, the reconstruction and expansion of America and more.

  • Understand the relationships between the colonies and the American Indians
  • Explain the key turning points in the Revolutionary war
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Accurately describe the impact of industrialization and the economic impact of slavery
  • Explain key strategies of the north and south during the civil war
  • Describe the challenges faced during construction of the transcontinental railroad


U.S. History II

The topics presented across our American History 2 course will help students explain how the United States achieved its role as a world power, as well as describe the effects of US involvement in different wars.


8th grade: U.S. History 2 curriculum topics include:

The US History 2 curriculum targets the understanding of many concepts and the practice of numerous skills. 

Throughout our US History II curriculum, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Compare and contrast the beliefs of Marxism/Socialism and American democracy/ capitalism.
  • Analyze the reasons for the rise of nativism in response to immigration.
  • Assess the impact of the transcontinental railroad on transportation, settlement, and the frontier.
  • Describe the achievements of the progressive movement.
  • Explain the factors behind the US acquisition of Alaska and Hawaii and describe how these acquisitions occurred.
  • Analyze the changing role of women in American society.
  • Evaluate how war production helped to end the Great Depression.
  • Explain the effects of World War II, such as the consequences of warfare, the establishment of the United Nations, and the creation of new political states.
  • Explain the opposing postwar goals of the US and the USSR that led to the Cold War.
  • Analyze how civil rights advocacy groups used nonviolent resistance techniques to achieve their goals. 
  • Organize and write a clear, coherent argumentative essay that is based on reason and evidence and uses a style appropriate to the purpose and audience.


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