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Together students, parents, teachers, supervisors, directors, and administrators must work to create an environment in which the children of North Bergen can gain the skills necessary to be successful, informed citizens in order to actively participate in society.  We envision the North Bergen School District as a place where students will be 
educated through the use of innovative techniques and multifaceted resources by educators who are constantly improving their craft to deliver instruction.
Mission: Robert Fulton School is committed to providing the highest quality education through the implementation of NJ’s Student Learning Standards and  21st Century Skills, at all grade levels.  Our mission is to strive for excellence in our diverse community through fostering the need for personal fulfillment as we nurture character development.
Vision: Our vision is to reach all levels of achievement in our diverse community for lifelong learning.

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Happy Thanksgiving

A Message from the Superintendent - HAPPY THANKSGIVING

We would like to wish all of you a healthy and joyous Thanksgiving. On this holiday, we look to give thanks for what we have and give what we can to those less fortunate. Please stay safe as you enjoy with family and friends.
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Food Drive

Robert Fulton is holding a food drive now through December.

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