2024 Junior Police Academy Application


Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco, Commissioner Allen Pascual, Commissioner Hugo D.Cabrera, Commissioner Claudia Rodriguez, Commissioner Anthony P. Vainieri Jr. and Chief Robert J. Farley Jr. are happy to announce the continuation of the North Bergen Junior Police Academy for the 2024 summer season. The North Bergen Junior Police Academy is for North Bergen Township children entering the 7th grade or 8th Grade as of September 2024. The Junior Police Academy will use numerous locations within the Township of North Bergen. 

The Junior Police Academy is not a "boot camp" for troubled youth, but a program designed to operate like an actual police academy for those interested in law enforcement and for the students that show true leadership skills.

The objective of the Junior Police Academy is to educate the cadets with various police procedures. In the past, the cadets learned the history of the North Bergen Township Police Department, tours of Police Headquarters, firearms safety and a live firearms demonstration, field trips to the 911 Memorial & Museum and the Freedom Tower. The cadets also visited the Hudson County Correctional Center, observed a K-9 Demonstration, Polygraph Demonstration, Fingerprint Demonstration. Also, this years cadets will be going to the Hudson County Police Academy for a day of training. This will be the first time that our cadets will have this opportunity. These are just some of the experiences that the 2024 cadet may experience. The 2024 Method of Instruction and Activities will be discussed on the first day of the North Bergen Junior Police Academy with a review of the academy schedule.  These lessons and experiences would give the cadets a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to succeed in the profession of law enforcement.  

Cadets should be prepared for an experience spanning a wide variety of Law Enforcement techniques and trainings. We place strong emphasis on self-respect, respect of others, teamwork and commitment to one’s goals. This will be accomplished through structured events which will be offered in a fun, informative, interactive, educational and hands-on manner. The curriculum will consist of educational activities as well as physical training activities.

The Junior Police Academy will run for five days, starting on Monday July 8, 2024 and ending on Friday, July 12, 2024. The class will not exceed 32 cadets. Cadets will be placed in the academy class based on a first come first serve basis, with all the necessary paperwork filled out properly. The Junior Police Academy will be held at the Lincoln School Annex located at 1206 63rd Street (Smith Ave. Entrance).  

Requirements: Perspective Cadets must meet and complete below listed requirements. PLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION NEATLY.

1.  Completed cadet application must be completed in black or blue ink and signed. 

2.  One recommendation form and letter from a teacher, principal or vice principal.

3.  Completed essay question: “Why do you want to participate in the North Bergen Junior Police Academy? What do you hope to accomplish from it?”

4.  Must be an incoming 7th or 8th grade student as of September 2024.

5.  Must be a Township of North Bergen resident.

6. All forms must be emailed to Instructor Joe Sitty at [email protected] (This email address will be the only way the 2024 North Bergen Junior Police Academy application and forms will be accepted.)

Please be reminded, that the North Bergen Police Department, the North Bergen Recreation Department and the Township of North Bergen hold the right to exclude admission into the North Bergen Police Junior Police Academy due to application error, failure to meet application requirements and any acts of juvenile delinquency committed by a perspective Junior Police Academy cadet. 

Applications, Recommendation form, Recommendation Letter and Essay MUST be received no later than May 15, 2024 through email to [email protected] (This email address will be the only way completed forms will be accepted.)

UPON ACCEPTANCE:   (If your child is selected, you will receive an acceptance letter from the Chief of Police, Chief Robert J. Farley Jr.. You will also receive other forms, which are listed below.) 

When you receive your acceptance packet to attend the North Bergen Junior Police Academy, you will receive the acceptance letter from Chief Robert J.Farley Jr. along with a Code of Conduct Form, Medical Certification Form, Medical Release/Civil Liability Form, Range Clearance Form, a Media Release Form and any other required forms through the U.S. Postal Service no later than May 20, 2024.  Once you complete the Code of Conduct Form, Medical Certification Form, Medical Release Form/Civil Liability Form, Range Clearance Form, Media Release Form, and any other forms, these forms Must be received  by June 1, 2024 through email to  [email protected]  There is a fee of $50.00 to attend the North Bergen Junior Police Academy. A non-refundable check or money order in the amount of $50.00 must be made payable to the North Bergen Superior Officers Assoc. PBA Local 18A “Good and Welfare” with 2024 Junior Police Academy writing in the memo space. This payment will be collected at an orientation meeting before the academy starts. You will receive notification when and where the meeting will be. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Instructor Joe Sitty at 201-206-2050. 


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