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Principal's Message

Robert Fulton School

Principal’s Message

2021-22 School Year


As we begin the school year, we would like to express how pleased we are to be able to provide full-time in-person instruction for our students. The past year and a half was difficult as we navigated through Virtual Instruction and many students suffered academically. Please know that we will be offering much support in all areas of the curriculum, particularly in English Language Arts and Math. During the month of September, we have been assessing students using FastBridge, a universal screener to identify areas where our students are demonstrating weaknesses so we may provide them the appropriate support. We have also been conducting reading conferences in the lower grade to assess students’ reading proficiency. In addition, the state-mandated Start Strong Assessment will take place in October. Trained Interventionists will be working with students using effective proven instructional strategies that will assist students in areas that have been identified as in need of support as part of the New Jersey Tiered System of Support initiative currently being implemented in the NB school district.

The universal screener also provides us with information on Social Emotional Learning, and the instructional program currently includes strategies to help students cope with the repercussions of the pandemic. Teachers, Guidance staff, Child Study Team, and other staff members have been trained to address these needs to help support students' emotional needs.

One important reminder is that the daily health survey needs to be filled out each morning before sending your children to school. We can not emphasize the importance of completing this questionnaire as it helps us better keep track of symptoms related to Covid-19. 

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your cooperation. Several procedures have changed in response to the pandemic, such as masks inside the building, and our arrival and dismissal procedures. If there are any concerns regarding any of the above mentioned, please contact us via email or call the main office and we will gladly answer any questions.


Thelma Noreen Garcia, Principal

[email protected], 201-295-2900


Cristopher Tetro, Vice-Principal

[email protected], 201-295-2900


Robert Fulton School Faculty, 201-295-2900