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Google Classroom for PE

Google Classrooms for Gym class are now set up for each and every classroom. Invites were sent to all students and most have accepted by now. If you have not done so, or need the classroom code, please email me:
Virtual learning for my class will begin on Monday, 3/30. For the first week, I will have a Google Slide presentation within Google Classroom. Follow the instructions and exercise along the slides and videos presented. At the end, you must complete a Google Form so that I know you completed the activities. This will serve as your "grade" for PE. There will be a new virtual lesson presented each week. Try and complete the lesson on your gym day. If you'd like to do it more than once, go for it! Just only complete the form once per week. 

Google Classroom Codes for Physical Education!

Hi Everyone! During this time of being stuck at home, it's still important to keep active and healthy. Exercise not only makes your body physically stronger, but also helps you manage stress and anxiety much better- especially important during these times. 
Google Classroom coming soon!
I ran into an issue creating a google classroom for such a large number of students. Therefore, I deleted those that were created. However, I am working on creating it another way. I hope to have everybody assigned to a google "class" by tonight (3/23). I appreciate your patience while I sort through the tech stuff. 
That being said, kids need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. That can be difficult during these times, but not impossible. It can also be broken down into 15-minute intervals throughout the day. I'll soon have videos, documents, and some inspiration to help get this accomplished. Please stay safe, practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently, and know that us teachers are here to help and support you. 
Mr. Waleck