Welcome to Your ESL Class!



For thirty years the task of empowering students with a new language is one that I have always found both challenging and rewarding.  My mission is to ensure that students are successful in reaching their full potential, by creating an environment that meets their basic needs, while encouraging them to take risks that place them in control of their learning.  As an educator, I believe it is crucial for students to be given opportunities that elicit 21st-century skills and allow them to grow both personally and academically.  Our joint commitment to their success promotes a sense of satisfaction in their work, as well as mine.


As a mother of three, I am perspicuously aware of how important a quality education is in the lives of children. Therefore, I take the responsibility very seriously. It is as a mother and teacher, equally, that I am invested in the educational outcome of "all" my children.


I am available for extra help Tuesday afternoons from 3-3:30