Welcome to Mrs. Pina's Class




 Name: Elizabeth Pina

Grade: 5-5

Classroom #:211

Subject Area: Science/Social Studies

Email: [email protected]


Please check my web page everyday to see what the class is doing.



Google Classroom: I use Google Classroom to post all assignments, announcements, and resources. To receive guardian email summaries on students' missing work, upcoming assignments, and all class activities I post, please text or email me "Add me to email summaries."  Summaries can be set to daily or weekly or you can unsubscribe at any time. Note: Final grades for each assignment (if graded) are posted to the Parent Portal.


Parent Portal: Please monitor your child's progress weekly in Parent Portal. Make sure to look in Gradebook and drill down to see assignment details. “MIS” means the assignment was not turned in. Download the app for faster access and to get notified each time I enter grades.



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1.Text Messages: I am using the Remind App to text parents notes and reminders as well as to communicate individually.  You will need to download the app and choose only one of the following:
Classroom 211-  @6kd8a2b
Classroom 212 - @g7b2f9b
Classroom 213- @26dafd
2. Teacher Webpage: By subscribing to my site, you will receive alerts whenever I update a page.
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Google Classroom Codes
Parents, I can be reached either through Remind or school email.  Students, you can reach me through Google Classroom.
Class 211-
Science- Code:  cti22aa
Social Studies:   33lnie7
Class 212
Science- Code: 66o2d7d
Social Studies:  o2ugfv5
Class 213
Science- Code: 6cg5frz
Social Studies:  3yhdfz2
Please look at the Open House information above.  Here is my information on how to attend my meets and there times.


On Tuesday, September 19th from 6 pm-7:50 pm, we will be having an In-person Back to School Open House.  During the Open House I will introduce you to the dynamics of being in 5th grade .  Your child has been given access to a google classroom titled Parents Conferences.  You will have your child sign into his/her google classroom and you can enter a session meet here.  Below is a list of session times for you to choose from.  You need only enter one session. The information reviewed will be the same for each session.  Please do not enter after the scheduled start time.  Another session will be available.

Session 1   - 6:20 pm - 6:40 pm

Session 2   6:50 pm - 7:10 pm

Session 3   7:20 pm - 7:40 pm


I am looking forward to meeting you.