Welcome to Mrs. Pina's Class




 Name: Elizabeth Pina

Grade: 5-5

Classroom #:211

Subject Area: Science/Social Studies

Email: epina@northbergen.k12.nj.us


Please check my web page everyday to see what the class is doing.

 EXTRA HELP is on Tuesday from 3:00-3:30
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**School Closing and Online Instruction**

During the week of March 23 through 27, students will receive home instruction for social studies and science. I will provide online learning materials via Google Classroom and will post assignments daily. Students should work on assignments and submit them by the due date. I will be available via Remind app and email from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM if you have any questions. If students have any questions about an assignment, they can send me a comment right from the assignment page.

Beginning March 30th classes will be Virtual.  I will provide further information during the week.  I will also be having a trial log-in of the new class dynamic during the week as well. I will send out a Remind and on Google Classroom the date and information.
Social Studies
Day 1- Duke's Band
Day 2- Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction- The Underground Railroad
Day 3- Tale of Segregation: Fetching Water
Day 4- School Colors
Day 5- Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction- Slavery in the Territories
Day 6- Jazz- History of Various Artists
Day 7- Who Are The Citizens of the United States
Day 8- The Shocking Truth
Day 9- Elizabeth Blackwell
Day 10- Ronald Regan's Proclamation to Women's History Month, 1987
Day 1- What is a Weather Map
Day 2- Weather
Day 3- The Wonderful Wind
Day 4- Weather Fronts
Day 5- Climate
Day 6- Storm Chasers and Spotters
Day 7- What's a Blizzard
Day 8- Swirling Wind
Day 9-      What's A Hurricane?
Day 10- Goodness Gracious, Great Bolts of Lightning
Google Classroom Codes
Parents, I can be reached either through Remind or school email.  Students, you can reach me through Google Classroom.
Class 211-
Social Studies- xhmdgnm
Science- aokbvc5
Class 212
Social Studies- 4lxdzmz
Science- wslqjah
Class 213
Social Studies- y7ieb74
Science- tz2qmdo
Art Google classroom
● Ensuring students in Grade 5-12 sign-in daily into their Google Classroom by
9:00 am starting on Monday, March 30th and every school day, thereafter.
● Ensuring the assignments scheduled for each day are completed
● Selecting a quiet, comfortable place for your child to work.
● Have your child take breaks throughout the virtual school day
● Schedule regular times each day for you to work with your child
● Talking with your child about their assignments & checking for understanding.
● Contact your child’s teacher via email with any questions, problems/concerns.
● Knowing that your child’s teacher will respond and assist you with your concerns.
● Remember to keep your child's routine as normal as possible, eat a healthy
breakfast and keep to normal sleep hours.
● Students K - 8 will sign-in daily between 8:30 am - 8:55 am using the Student Check-in
Form found on their school website under Parents Tab. (Parents may assist the younger
●  Student’s submission of their classroom assignments will also count as confirmation of
their attendance in class.
● STUDENT ABSENCE: If a student is absent, please complete the Student Absent Form
found on your child’s school website under Parents Tab.
● Sign in using the Student Check In Form found on the school website under Parents tab.
● Log into Google Classroom every day at 9:00 am into their first period.
● Follow the 5-8 Virtual Learning Day Schedule.
● Students must be logged in and actively participate during their assigned classes.
● The student’s day will end at 1:10 PM.
● Students will have at least until the end of the day, to complete assignments unless
otherwise specified by the teacher.
● Students should communicate with teachers via Google Classroom discussion or school
● Extended time will be provided for students that receive modifications or accommodations