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Dear Parents,

On my Web-page you will be able to keep yourself and your child informed about any assignment due or event due in Mrs. Boesh's classroom or Mrs. Liu's classroom (Math Homeroom Teachers). I will work with 7th grades ( Ms. Claudio Room#301 / Math in Room# 309 with Mrs. Boesh , Mrs. Sekkas Room# 311/ Math in Room# 309, and Mrs. Santos Room # 310/ Math Room# 303 Mrs. Lue)

My EXTRA HELP will be every Wednesday from 3:00 to 3:30 pm in Room# 309. If your child needs help just send him/her. Your child must be on time, and if her/him will be late, send a note the prior day. This is done for the safety of your child and it is the school's policy.


EXTRA HELP WILL START: October 8th, 2019 from 3:00 to 3:30 at Room#309

In addition, I love communication and technology, I will invite you to joining Class Tag to have faster communication with me.  


The following WEBSITES can be used to reinforce Math skill at home:

www.focusinmath.com www.thinkcentral.com

www.ixl.com www.aaamath.com Www.mathbugsme.com


WWW.Webmath.com www.mathplayground.com www.coolmath-games.com

Www.xtramath.org www.khanacademy.com








During the class your child will work in:

  • T2: Your child will work on Google Classroom, Quizizz, Khan Academy or any other activity to reinforce Math skills with Special Education Teacher.
  • T3: All students will work during Pull-out time to reinforce their Math skills based on her/his Goals and Objectives


Classroom rules


Enjoy the Audio:


I will coordinate with Math Teachers. 

Ms. Bruno's Announcement:
Dear Parents and Caregivers,
Please be advised that all the assignments will be posted on Google Classroom during this time:
Please do not hesitate to contact me at Obruno@northbergen.k12.nj.us.
Also, I will be available during 9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily. 
Parents and Caregivers, please note that I will be using Class Tag App to inform you of any information at the last minute
about the assignments during the week of March 16, 2020 through April 20th, 2020, or if your child needs any direction. 
Please be safe and don't forget to wash your hand very well.   
Please Be safe..!!
Ms. Bruno's Virtual Classes. 
 Dear Parents and Caregivers,
Please look the Daily Schedules and help your child to follow it. 
Robert Fulton schedule Virtual Class/12

Be Smart.... Be safe...!!! We Miss you...
Wash this Video...!!!
Ms. Bruno Google Classroom Code ( Room 311/ Ms. Sekkas) 
Ms. Bruno Google Classroom ( Room 301 / Ms. Claudio) 
Ms. Bruno Google Classroom ( Room 310 / Ms. Santos) 
Dear Parents,
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Ms. Bruno, I have the honor to be your child's Resource Teacher. This is my 9th year of teaching in Robert Fulton School and I am so excited to continue being here.  I look forward to working with my students and collaborating with you to ensure a successful school year 2019-2020. 
I believe that communication is the key in order for a great parent-teacher relationship. I encourage you to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns about your child's growth. 
Please feel free to participate in your child's school year as much as possible. Helping hands are always needed, whether during their solving problem assignments or supporting them in their homework..
One of my goals is that all my students improve in Math during this school year 2019-2020. The students must create a very responsible routine to improve in Math. 
Ms. Bruno
Resource Teacher 
Robert Fulton School.