Maram Khalil » Ms. Khalil’s CLASSROOM Policies and Procedures

Ms. Khalil’s CLASSROOM Policies and Procedures

Ms. Khalil’s Classroom Policies and Procedures


  • Please stay informed and check my remind, google classroom, school website, and my web page as often as possible!
  • You can send me a message on Remind or email me if needed at [email protected]
    • Please allow 24-48 hours for an email response. Please understand that I may not be able to respond during school hours or late in the evening.
  • Please replenish school supplies when needed throughout the year. Pencils are needed quite often. Also, be cautious of all items your child brings to school. Certain items may be inappropriate or distracting to children. Children need to feel safe and comfortable at all times. Toys, games, and electronics are not allowed. If they become a problem they will be taken away from the child. 
  • Tests/Quizzes/Projects – Students will be given enough notice to review and study for any upcoming tests, quizzes, and completion of projects. Study sheets may also be sent home depending on the subject and topic.
  • According to our Scholastic Reading Program, students will be tested on reading fluency and comprehension in the beginning, middle, and end of the year to determine their current reading level. It is very important that your child reads at home in their free time to improve their reading skills. 
  • Homework: All homework must be done on time. Homework will be given to students either in class or an online assignment on google classroom. Incomplete homework will result in a zero and will affect your child’s homework grade. Any missing, forgotten, or incomplete homework must be completed for the following day for full credit. If it is not made up the following day, it will be marked as a zero, depending on the circumstances. Please expect to have daily reading and math homework.
  • Class Participation: Your child will need to be prepared, follow all class rules, and be involved in the learning process each day to keep up with good class participation. Having good attendance is an important factor regarding class participation. 
  • Classroom Management & Behavior: I will be using a group marble jar system this year for classroom management and behavior.  
  • Take-Home Folder: Please check your child’s Take-Home Folder when sent home for important notices/letters and assignments I may send home. All important papers and sick/medical notes need to be sent to me as soon as possible.
  • Picking Up Your Child: Dismissal for Third Grade is at 2:45 pm everyday on the 75th Street side closer to Hudson Ave. Please be ON TIME as the upper grades dismiss shortly after us. Please let the office or myself know if someone new will be picking up your child at dismissal. If I am not informed I will need to bring your child to the office upon dismissal. Also, please inform the office and myself if you need to pick your child up early on a certain day for whatever reason. 


I hope this information helps with any questions you may have. Notices to keep you informed will be shared via Remind throughout the year and posted on my google classroom/webpage. I am looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know your children. Together we can help your child succeed in third grade. Third grade is a big step for your child; they will need our support and guidance. I thank you for your time and dedication to your child’s success.


*Please note that all policies and procedures are subject to change throughout the year. I will do my best to keep you all informed as much as possible. Thank you.