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Supply List

Welcome to 2nd grade! I hope you are as excited for this year as I am. Your child will need the    following items for class this year NO LATER than Monday,

September 11, 2023. The student’s name should be labeled on all materials.


1 Box of Crayons (Containing 24 Crayons)

12 Pencils

1 Pencil Case

1 Pencil Sharpener 

2 Marble Notebooks (No Spiral Notebooks)

5 Plastic Folders

Safety Scissors (No Sharp Points)

1 Pack of Dry Erase Markers

1 Elmer's Glue

1 Highlighter

1 Ruler

3 Pink Erasers

2 Boxes of Tissues

1 Large Container of Hand Sanitizer

1 Roll of Paper Towels

2 Containers of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

 1 Set of Headphones or Earbuds

Please remember that students should bring their school-issued Chromebooks and chargers to school daily.