Ms. T. Diaz

Welcome to my ESL Classes!  I have been at Robert Fulton Annex for the past seven years teaching English as a Second Language.
Extra Help:  Wednesdays  (3:00-3:30)
Bienvenidos a Robert Fulton Annex.  Yo soy su maestra de ESL:  Cuarto Grado, Nivel 2;  Septimo Grado, Nivel 3; y, Octavo Grado, Nivel 1.
Espero que vengan con muchas ganas y ansias de aprender!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful break this Summer and are ready to learn!
I hope you are all going to google classroom.  Remember to use your school email; as an example:
student  This way you will be able to access your account.  You must use your student number and add