Mr. Vargas' ESL Page

Hello! Bienvenidos,
My name is Mr. Vargas and I am an ESL teacher in Polk Street school. I am first generation American born from parents who immigrated from Colombia. I love writing and hope to ignite a passion in my students to do what they love! 
Grades I teach:
1st Grade (level 2)
2nd Grade (level 3)
4th Grade (level 3)
5th Grade (level 3)
6th Grade (level 1)
7th Grade (level 2)
I can be contacted through email ( Tambien hablo Español!
*****Important Message!*******
As a result of school closing due to the Coronavirus, I will be communicating with students via Google Classrooms. On the website, I will be providing information about schoolwork and can answer any questions that students may have. Please check in frequently to Google Classroom so that you don't miss important information!
For parents: I can still be contacted by email and I will respond promptly.
1st grade:
2nd grade:
4th grade:
5th grade:
6th grade:
7th grade:
A fun way to learn English. Download the app or play online!
A website providing resources for building vocabulary and basic grammar.
News articles in 3 levels of English for students/learners.