Alicia Moormann » Ms. Moormann 7th Grade Math

Ms. Moormann 7th Grade Math

Supplies Needed For Math Class:   
                                                               1 Notebook
                                                               1 Folder
Supplies for Our Homeroom:
                                                               Hand Sanitizer
                                                               Lysol Wipes
                                                               Paper Towels (one roll)
                                                               Coat Hanger  (one only)
Google Classroom Codes:
Periods 1 and 2: jiuy3nq
Periods 6 and 7: i2xwz7p
Periods 8 and 9: cd5qrvk
Grading Policy - Homework: 25%
                             Classwork: 25%
                             Class Participation: 25%
                             Tests/Quizzes: 25%
Extra Credit - We do plenty of work and have plenty of opportunities to do well in class. No extra credit will be given. 
Our classes are located in Room 309. 
Extra Help: Wednesday in Room 309- 3:05-3:35 pm. Please let me know if you will be staying for help and bring with you the material that is causing you difficulty.
Please be advised that late/incomplete assignments will receive a zero. There is plenty of time to get your work done. 
Talking during a quiz/assessment will result in a zero. This is non-negotiable. All students are made aware of this before every quiz/assessment. 
Cell Phones: All cell phones are to be turned off before students enter the building. If any student is caught having their cell phone out, the phone will be taken immediately and given to the vice principal. If that happens, the parent/guardian will have to come to the school to retrieve the phone. 
Emails:  Any emails sent to me after  3:07 pm will be responded to the next business day. 
I would like to thank Temple University for affording me the opportunity to earn my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education, Ramapo College of New Jersey for allowing me to earn my Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and everyone who has helped me along the way! 
I can be reached via email at [email protected]
Parents/Guardians: Feel free to join my Google Classroom to keep current with what we are learning in class.
Also, be sure to check Real Time to keep abreast of your child’s academic progress.