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Class Syllabus

     Welcome to 7th Grade!

The seventh grade English/Language Arts course provides a balance of reading, writing, speaking, listening and language skills essential for success in the 21st Century.

  • The seventh grade Reading course teaches essential comprehension skills and strategies while students read closely and cite evidence from grade-level fiction and nonfiction to support an analysis of what the materials say.

  •  Students apply skills they learned in earlier grades to make sense of longer, more challenging books and articles.  This includes learning about how authors try to influence readers and then find reasons to support their ideas.

  • Students develop a rich vocabulary of complex and sophisticated words and use them to speak and write more precisely and coherently.  

  • Students will work on improving skills necessary for formal presentations and develop a range of broadly useful oral communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Students will work together, express and listen carefully to ideas, integrate information from oral, visual, quantitative, and media sources, evaluate what they hear, use media and visual displays strategically to help achieve communicative purposes, and adapt speech to context and task.

  • The seventh grade writing curriculum follows the Writer’s Workshop model where students  progress through the writing process as they plan, draft, revise, edit, and publish their writing.  

  • These writing types include arguments, informative/explanatory texts and narratives.  

  • Students are required to draw upon and write about evidence from literary and informational texts.

  • Students are required to write short research projects using MLA format.  


  • The students are required to come prepared to class every day.

  • They are expected to complete all class and homework assignments on time.

  • If they are absent, they are responsible for making up the work.

  • They are expected to participate in class.


  • This year we are participating in a blended program. We will have access to Chromebooks and most of our work will be done through Google docs.

  • Students will still be required to bring a binder to class.

  • Students should have index cards, pens, pencils and highlighters

Text: We will be using a combination of textbooks as well as online resources.