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Bilingual/ESL / Adult ESL
My name is Barbara Sansanelli.
Welcome to ESL (English As A Second Language)
I teach ESL classes on the beginner, intermediate and advanced level at Robert Fulton located in room B15. 
ESL students will work this year on perfecting phonetic skills by learning and using proper phonic rules.
An important goal in ESL is to continue to improve listening, speaking, reading comprehension, and written skills in present, past, and future tenses. This is also an important part of becoming a great ESL student.  I will continue to assist all ESL students in these areas in preparation for the upcoming WIDA NJ state wide / USA spring testing with our ELLs (English Language Learners) students in order to maximize student growth.
Help is also given to the ESL students during WIN ESL classroom support to reinforce their ELA  (English Language Arts) and Math lessons in the mainstream classes.  I work with the ESL students to maximize student growth.
I have worked in the North Bergen School District for 32 years teaching ESL on the beginner and intermediate levels.  This year I am also teaching ESL on the advanced level for ESL students.  My past experiences vary from teaching preschool and elementary classes for grades 2 and 4 in NJ to teaching overseas on the elementary level in private schools in Brazil.  I received an elementary certification / music concentration after attending Jersey City University.  Later I received an ESL certification on the graduate level.  
ESL marking period grades are averaged based on class participation, classwork, homework, and tests and quizzes.
Extra Help is given on Tuesday afternoon from 3:00-3:30.
It is a pleasure working with your children.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 201-295-2900. My cell # is 201-417-4917. My email is [email protected]
Thank you.
Ms. Sansanelli   
 Welcome Back to School, ESL Grades 1, 2, 4 with Ms. Sansanelli 
I look forward to meeting and working with you in push in WIN class in your homeroom teacher class again.
Grade 2 WIN-9:40-10:20 AM in Room 110/112
Grade 4 WIN-9:00- 9:40 AM in Room 205/207
Grade 1 WIN-1:40- 2:20 PM in Room 104/105 in B15
ESL classes will meet in Room B15 with use of Google Class. Go to Google class for  ESL Class  work in Google classroom for ESL online assignments. 
Grade 1 Google Classroom 
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ESL Grade 1 class will meet 1:00-1:40 
ESL grade 1 student names are: 
Nayra Ardenia, Elizabeth Calderon Meza, Doralys Cantillo, Derek Diaz Falcon, Naemy Gonzalez, Ana Lliguicota, Katherine Moz, Benjamin Puluc Bran, Jesus Ramas, Alonso Rivera Francisco, Ulises Romero Zepeda, Brandon Siquin Lopez, Marvin Tacen Guerra, Sergio Tubac Chacach,  Emmanuel Tzul, Ashley Vela- Ambrocio
Grade 2 Google Classroom  
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ESL Grade 2 class will meet 11:40- 12:20 
ESL grade 2 student names are: 
Nicholas Argueta-Morales, Luis Barrios, Silvana Betancourt, Issac Carrillo Lira, Dylan Culpatan, Dayani Inestrosa Bardales, Bryant Lopez, Gustavo Mejia Amaya, Mathias Mejia Castano, Immar Mercado, Valery Pimienta Agudelo, Angel Quinto, Luz Roca Luch, Claudia Sangama - Farfan, Amira Talantova
Grade 4 Google Classroom   
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ESL Grade 4 Class will meet 2:20-2:55
ESL grade 4 student names are:
Jose Benitez Vasquez, Luisa Chajon Tejax, Jaden Cruz Balbuena, Mederick Diaz Falcon, Mia Escobar Cervantes, Brisly Gamez Dubon, Dayana Guevara Hernandez, Diego Jimenez Rodriguez, Evelyn Julaj Ordon, Ashley Molina Banegas, Briana Quintuna, Carlos Santana, Jonahan Tino, Shohei Yamasaki 
Thank you! 
Ms Sansanelli 
ESL Room B15
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After School Help continues on an ongoing basis every Tuesday 3:00-3:30 when you ask prior and with signed parental permission on file.