Ms. Quinones

Hello and Welcome to My Webpage!
My name is Ms. Quinones (Ms. "Q") and I will be your science teacher for your final year at Robert Fulton School.  
I have been teaching science for 14 years and I couldn't imagine teaching any other subject.  Science is exciting because it is always changing as technologies are improved upon and new discoveries are made.  This year you will be learning about why you look the way you do and how your body systems work and interact.  You will be learning about how you are made up of the same elements that make up basically everything in the universe.  You will also learn about our planet's history as well as our own species.  Finally you will learn about Earth's place in the Universe and Newton's contribution to physics. 
I will make you think, question, debate and question some more.  It is my goal to spark your curiosity and  turn each and every one of you into future scientists!
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